Opened my eyes
To the Science of Disguise.
Come to find
We’re all similar in Mind.

Our negatrons are formed from eons of pitfalls.
Our job is to transcend.
There is no end.

Worry not, “yee who’ve ‘sinned'”.
Just begin the day
With a Heart like a Bouquet.
Ready to release all its desires.

Worry not that Yesterday will have its sway
if you suddenly relax and change gears.

It’s not about what you once did, my dear
But what you’re now willing to be doing.

Seduce Yourself.

Enjoy. Don’t annoy.

Good will not show anger.

That Old Self you’d sewn can be two seconds ago.

Let Yourself Float Into Heaven.

The state of knowing
That through true glowing
One can redeem the self.

Some say “‘sinners’ get their karma”
(The law of Receiving through Giving)

…As do the others…
And in two seconds you can decide which you are, in the present.

Not through judging your actions
But Embracing True Passions,
Which come from Freeing Your Soul.

None else have the power to rev up Your Soul’s Flower.
The Beauty of Life is Limitless

Change Your Mind
Never Rewind
Remind Yourself Life’s a Dance.

Screw up and you may fall
But after all

The Decision to do Good is a Shift.
A Gift.

What you did’s not Important As What You Are Doing.

.Embrace   The   Beauty  of  This.


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