Our Flying Carpets

I’ve Been There Before–

You know. The Avenue of Change.
The kind where
One minute You are Somewhere,
And then it’s like You’re nowhere.

The one where Your Flying Carpet has vanished.
And You become self-less.

So much that You seem selfish
to others.
Seems everywhere you go
You want it to be Home–

But You know Home’s not physically there

The moments You’re in think,
And suddenly You blink..

You’re in someone else’s world and You shrink.

Oh boy, does it stink when in a blink you’re to think of where to go, who to hold, who to tell, when or if to yell?
How does one spell when one feels under a well, unwell in the heart?
You put on a smile so as to burden no one.
There’s a pile of unfinished business
But Who Controls This?
Who Are You?

A second ago, or a few, You were one place, then another.
Wanna cry.. Don”t know why–
But know perfectly well at the same time. . .
‘Cause it’s what You’re feeling.

Where’s my Flying Carpet?
Is it  in a tar-pit?
Under a Rock?
In a Zoo?
Lose your shoe,
Borrow another’s.

Lose it and get shamed…

Stop to Breathe..
Feel at Ease..
It Gets Cold..
This Feels Old.

Where’s My Flying Carpet?
…I think I smell the tar-pit

Tonight, that house is rest-bit. . .

Where is My Flying Carpet?
It’s Purple, Soft, No Plastic.
How warm is yours–

I’ll stop it.

I lost My Magic Carpet.

What will it take to get it?

“Don’t sweat it. They’ll forget it. The moment you lost it–”
“Lost it”. Really just the Flying Carpet.

People calling you selfish
You’re really just selfless

But it feeds on them like they’re hosts.
They can’t help it.
They’ve their carpets.

Pink, Purple, Blue,
You name it.
Wish there were more than just others’ flying carpets. . .

I’ve Been There.
That Space.
Where Judgment Comes from Those Who Are Not You.

And though You Judge Yourself More..

Always reaching out, it’s hard to feel the self.
Remember you are more than what is outside of you.

I promise you are still there.

Look within.

Just Smile.

It may seem hard to find the self.

But it Is There.

I Promise.

Take a minute.


Know you deserve your needs.

Tell yourself of good.

Even if you can’t see.



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