Sense of Calm


The Streets are Serene.
The Sky is Filled with Stars.
The Grass is Oh So Green.

This World’s a Work of Art.

My Baby is Asleep.
The Stroller moves along.
As I Move My Feet

I Sing and Dance a Song.

Looking at The Horizon
I feel a Sense of Calm.
As if I Could Go Walking
Straight Into The Dawn.

The Smile on My Baby’s Face
As He’s Drifting Through His Dreaming Space
Makes My Heart Sing with
The Melody of My Voice’s Dance.
As I, Myself, Too, Drift.

I Drift and Dance and Sing and Push.
The Stroller gliding, The Wheels say “Swoosh.”
I Pull a Pebble out of Their Rubber.

I Bend, Stopping for a Moment.

The Little things,
They Comfort Me.
The Colors, The Sounds, The Smells.

They Remind me that Life’s Infinite.
They Surreally cast a spell


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