What You Repeat in Your Mind Becomes Your Life. Think Positive! Think LOVE!

“Think of what you love. That is where the spark ignites.”

Some of us are unaware of how negative our train of thought tends to be, and how much it sets our potentially divine platforms to be anything but beneficial.

“What does not work ‘out there’ does not belong ‘in here'”.

Continually feeding our minds with positive energy is a very exciting and beneficial experience.

We often tend to think that in taking in the negative and believing in it just because our eyes see it we will somehow be grounded and make it so that we are protected against “negative surprises”, and from “missing out on ‘the big societal picture'”.
It is obviously easy for us to hold onto what is in front of us, because we can find confirmation of the “existence” through merely looking with our eyes or hearing with our ears, and seeing that many others are in the same “reality”, but if we take a second to shift our thought, we eventually notice a sense of flow and pure gut-instinct that protects us, or, rather steers us far away from turmoil/any negative energies. Once we tune into our capable gut, we can only blame ourselves for not listening to our own instinct/gut-advice when we step into what we fear or simply do not want. There is nothing wrong with being aware of what is in front of us; it helps us connect to our fellow man in some instances, but the great thing is that it can be turned into a way to recognize what we can use our innate powers to alter. To change.
“Add light to darkness and watch everything glow.”

One day, I decided to take an alternate route to get to where I was staying at the time, and I found out later that a house was on fire and collapsed onto some of the sidewalk, where my route normally took me, around the same time I switched direction. I thank my instincts for helping me process the awesomeness of listening to one tiny little nudge. It propelled me along my experimental path of studying human potential.

My writing is based on keeping loving momentum to propel us through the future as the creative unique awesomeness we are as individuals. It has definitely helped me to write down and repeat positive messages to myself and those who feel like listening/reading because no matter how dark I am feeling due to the outside world and its negative vibrations, deliberately shifting my awareness to the things and people who give me a sense of love and peace always is incredibly soothing and nurturing, and helps open doors of opportunity. No matter how small, they are substantially significant and life-shifting. Life-propelling.

“Nurture with Passion.”

Thinking positive thoughts and making sure to do the things which make us feel centred, make us feel whole, is very essential to uplifting and clearing away the bushels on our pathways.

Note that everything that bugs us has an opposite. Focus on its opposite, and appreciate the existence of the mere thought of it, and after awhile see what that does for you. It paves a pathway of “problem-solving” or, like just above mentioned, clears away the bushels.. AKA that which bugs us. We can therefrom figure out the “how”.

This is all for now..
Figured if I don’t just go ahead and post this my perfectionism may get in the way and it’d take me forever to finish.

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YOU, the Haiku Poems, (1),(&2) and Auspicion #1 are good places to start for words to repeat to oneself.
I hope that you also attempt to make up your own.
Your world is your world, ultimately.
Until next time, dear fellow human beings.


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