It is Easy to Have Faith When Things Seem Well. The Evidence is there to Show Our loved Ones… But Is That When We Need it?

“May You Ignite That Force Within!”

Please, please PLEASE remember this:

When things seem hopeless, that is the most CRUCIAL time to have faith in the best possible future.
When we do not see what we want to have, it is very important to realize that this is the moment of transition. Your gift is on the verge of blossoming. It is underneath the soil you have nurtured with every ounce of happiness you have expressed in your life… and the more joy, the more nurturing you have given the seeds you planted.
The roots came far quicker and thicker than you are aware of at this time!

When you are going through a hard time is the time to have the most faith. It is easiest to have faith when you can see bits of the stem, or another fruit that you enjoy. . but faith is most needed when it feels hardest to accept. At rock bottom, all we see is the rock-bottom in front of our eyes. We must CLOSE our eyes and remember the things and places that make us happy. No matter how far away those things are or merely seem to be.

You deserve whatever you decide you need. You deserve it, so you will get it. You are alive, so breathe. You are alive, so internalize the beauty around you. You are alive, so use your imagination! You are alive, so eat something– Even if it has to be of food in the mind. Eat. Eat through your heart’s opening. Understand that your breath is the voice of your soul. Listen to it! The Universe is plentiful. It is our powerful minds mixed with our (always interconnected) hearts that lead us to paradise.

“Our thought is The Seed. Its Water, Our Words.
The Warmth of The Sun, Our Faith.
Love Enhances all Growth.
Let’s Dance As All Flows.
Tend To Our Garden with Me.”


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