Say “I Love You”–In The Mirror.

Here Is A Very Simple Way To Elevate Your Vibration:

Go to a mirror.
Look yourself in the eyes.
& Say, “I LOVE YOU!”

Notice all your features and appreciate them.
Notice any unique features like birthmarks or crooked teeth.
Appreciate that they belong to you.

Loving Yourself Really Is The Best Step Towards Happiness.

Forget about justifying anything you love about yourself.

When you decide to smile it starts to bring happier energy,
and when you are at a higher vibration, as you pass ANYTHING or ANYONE, that energy will rub off onto it all. Even if you think they don’t feel it. Even if they don’t think they feel it. It has affected them.

This Feeling-Universe is pretty fantastic, guys.

Really, who do you have to say “I am smiling to elevate my vibration so that I have a great life” to?
….There is no reason to feel ridiculous.

It’s a form of “dancing when no one is watching”.


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