Separate Only by Beautiful Illusion! Everything. Cosmos. Everything.

Every breath I take
I feel the warmth of you.
I feel the rush of love.
I feel in-tune.

I’m free.

I feel a high like nothing else.
Ecstasy. Divine.

I feel how light’s all-wise.
I feel you/it/love at my side.
Inside I am glowing.
You have made your way.
Lord I love this feeling.
I love that it is you.

But most of all I love that it’s ME!
I Am The Am That has been called “I Am”
Quite bluntly.
Quite simply.
Quite true.
I only call it “you”
Because you are a part
Of the whole of everything.
Of which I am also part.
But I know you are an extension of me.
Look at all I can do!
I see “creatorness” blossoming through me!
Indeed I feel it, too.

I feel like the sun.
Maybe even the moon.
Oh, so in-tune.

I feel renewed.

I have arisen.
I have finally bloomed.

For the first time I don’t care
That my writing’s rhythm sways.

I mind not the mixed-up portrayal.
Nor rhymelessness.

I have Faith.


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